9/11. The Simple Facts by Arthur Naiman

By Arthur Naiman

Incredible because it turns out, the government's model of what occurred on September eleven, 2001, cannot possibly be real. with out accomplishing any hypothesis or conjecture, this booklet proves that past a shadow of a doubt.

For instance, it lists ten infallible symptoms of destruction through explosives and 4 infallible signs of destruction by means of fireplace. the area exchange middle constructions exhibited all ten of the previous and none of the latter. (That's no longer brilliant, seeing that no steel-framed development has ever failed because of fire—not even the Caracas skyscraper that burned for 17+ hours, nor the Beijing high-rise engulfed in vibrant orange flames from most sensible to bottom.)

Then there is WTC 7. no longer struck by means of a airplane, topic to not anything greater than minor place of work fires, its forty seven tales collapsed into their very own footprint in a fashion indistinguishable from a managed demolition . . . that could clarify how BBC television used to be capable of record it twenty-three mins earlier than it...

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The odds of escaping interception with that plan would be infinitesimal under standard operating procedures. “The behavior of the alleged hijackers preceding the attack is inconsistent with the skill and discipline needed to [pull] off such an attack. Apparently, Mohammed Atta barely caught Flight 11, [something] he was supposedly planning for years. “The success with which hijackers allegedly took over four jets with knives and then piloted the jets to small targets is simply miraculous. None of the four flight crews were able to stop the alleged hijackers, in spite of several of the pilots being Vietnam veterans.

He also claimed that the commission’s executive director, Philip Zelikow, sent a small group of insiders a secret document outlining the commission’s predetermined conclusions. 6 Given all the criticisms of, defections from, and obvious omissions in the 9/11 Commission’s report (and the growing momentum of the 9/11 truth movement), the government clearly needed something more comprehensive and convincing. Fortunately, they had another report in the works. Since the 2002 FEMA debacle, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) had been working on a report of their own, for which Congress had given them a budget of twenty million dollars.

Since NIST’s version of what happened can’t account for any molten steel, much less tons of it, they simply deny it existed. ) Problem #11: What happened to FEMA Appendix C? ” 45 Jet fuel and office fires can’t burn hot enough to do that; nothing in the official scenario can. So NIST basically swept Appendix C under the rug and barely referred to it in their official report. Problem # 12: How did the buildings fall so fast? 2 seconds. ) It’s hard to get an exact figure with all the smoke and dust, but both towers appear to have collapsed in about ten to twelve seconds—fifteen at the most.

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