A comprehensive introduction to object-oriented programming by C. Thomas Wu

By C. Thomas Wu

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Model different types of vehicles, using inheritance. Include Vehicle, Automobile, Motorcycle, Sports Car, Sedan, and Bicycle. 5 Software Engineering and Software Life Cycle When we say computer programming, we are referring not only to writing Java commands, but also to a whole process of software development. Knowing a programming language alone is not enough to become a proficient software developer. 5 Software Engineering and Software Life Cycle software life cycle software engineering analysis design coding testing debugging operation software maintenance 25 You must know how to design a program.

Then we define classes as an extension of the common class inheriting everything from the common class. We call the common class the superclass and all classes that inherit from it subclasses. We also call the superclass an ancestor and the subclass a descendant. Other names for superclass and subclass are base class and derived class, respectively. For the bank example, we can define a superclass Account and then define Savings and Checking as subclasses of Account. 12. Notice that we draw arrows from each subclass to its superclass because a subclass can refer to items defined in its superclass, but not vice versa.

Its syntax is object declaration syntax ; where is a sequence of object names separated by commas and is the name of a class to which these objects belong. Here’s how the general syntax is matched to the object declaration of the program: Class Name The class must be defined beforehand. Object Names One object is declared here. JFrame myWindow; Here are more examples: Account Customer identifier checking; john, jack, jill; The first declaration declares an Account object named checking, and the second declaration declares three Customer objects.

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