A Mythic Obsession: The World of Dr. Evermor by Tom Kupsh

By Tom Kupsh

The Forevertron stands poised in a Wisconsin box. whilst the time is right—only Dr. Evermor will comprehend when—the recognized, enigmatic scientist will climb the winding staircase and input its egg-shaped trip chamber, strength up the dynamos and turn at the thrusters, and away he will fly on a "highball to heaven," propelled by means of an electromagnetic lightning strength beam.
Or so the tale goes.
Anyone who is visited the frilly visionary atmosphere created through Tom each has heard a few version of the Evermor delusion. yet few be aware of the tale at the back of the tale, the interesting historical past of this exclusive inventive spirit. From a really early age each amassed, transformed, and resold cast-off business fabric. His paintings as a salvager led him to Alex Jordan Jr., author of the home at the Rock, the place he collaborated with Jordan on the various attraction’s such a lot intricate displays.

After the 2 parted methods, each started to discover his personal creative voice. as well as hundreds of thousands of whimsical welded sculptures, he poured so much of his attempt into the Forevertron, the world’s biggest sculpture outfitted by means of a unmarried individual. within the procedure, each came across his adjust ego: Dr. Evermor.
Author Tom Kupsh, with the total participation of Tom and Eleanor each, has keenly documented Every’s extraordinary existence, together with never-published kin photographs, sketches, and private stories. What emerges is a close portrait of a different, self-taught artist.

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01 (001-072) chapters 1-4 34 2/26/08 12:08 PM Page 34 A Mythic Obsession The Forevertron aerial view from the east JIM WILDEMAN Most visitors search for answers to their questions: What is this? Who built it? How? Why? The story is filled with Dr. Evermor’s dreams, humor, and special logic. The spirit of the whole project may be summed up in the answer Tom gave to a visitor who asked him what it was all about. He answered with a seamless rendition of the myth and embellished on the description of the parts and functions of the Forevertron.

The city of Madison was talked into giving their waterworks pumping station to the House on the Rock. Tom and his crew went down to Madison, pulled the gigantic works out, and installed it at the House on the Rock, where the huge machine dominates one end of the Organ Building. Tom directed the difficult installation, and when they were finished it was all inspected and approved by consulting engineers hired by Alex. Tom is very proud of his work there. As was usual then, they did the work first and overengineered everything— then they got permits.

The fourteen-foot-high base will be made from a series of eight generators, compressors, rheostats, and motors combined with a navy buoy from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where it reportedly was used to support antiBridge supports (7′1′′ h × 3′ w) JIM WILDEMAN submarine netting during the Cold War. Rising above, for twenty-two feet, are the Magnetic Laser Love Guns in position for firing. Dr. Evermor explains, “You see, there are cannoneers in there [midlevel of drawing page 55] and they have periscopes and they see somebody that’s not smiling.

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