A Rabbi Talks with Jesus by Jacob Neusner

By Jacob Neusner

Placing himself in the context of the Gospel of Matthew, Neusner imagines himself in a discussion with Jesus of Nazareth and will pay him the excellent Judaic gesture of admire: creating a reference to him via a good debate concerning the nature of God's One fact. Neusner explains why the Sermon at the Mount do not have confident him to stick with Jesus and why, by means of the criterion of the Torah of Moses, he could have persevered to stick to the lessons of Moses. He explores the explanations Christians think in Jesus Christ and the dominion of Heaven, whereas Jews proceed to think within the Torah of Moses and a nation of monks and holy humans on the earth. This revised and increased version, with a foreword by way of Donald Akenson, creates a considerate and available context for dialogue of the main basic query of why Christians and Jews think what they believe.

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My argument is with the Jesus that faithful Christians revere, the one known to them in the great narratives, among them, 33 A RABBI TALKS WITH JESUS that one written to Jews in particular. Now, then, we join in the story Matthew tells about Jesus, speaking now of the things the storyteller tells us as though they were out there, before us. We know only two things: the Torah and Matthew's story of things Jesus said - nothing more. "Seeing the crowds, he went up on the mountain, and when he sat down his disciples came to him.

So here I try to tell the story of the grounds for that dissent, so to frame an account of how I should have argued with Jesus and tried to persuade him and those with him that their view of the Torah - of what God wants from humanity - at important and substantive points was wrong. And therefore, because that specific teaching was so broadly out of phase with the Torah and covenant of Sinai, I could not then follow him and do not now either. That is not because I am stubborn or unbelieving. It is because I believe God has given a different Torah from the one that Jesus teaches; and that Torah, the one Moses got at Sinai, stands in judgment of the torah of Jesus, as it dictates true and false, right and wrong, for all other torahs that people want to teach in God's name.

In calling upon the Torah and explaining how a true understanding of its intent requires more than people now understand, Jesus' torah meets that challenge that sages set for themselves, which is not only to receive the Torah, but also to hand it on. And that means not only to repeat or to paraphrase, but to teach, explain, extend, amplify, enrich. And in these sayings, that is precisely what Jesus accomplishes. " gains such immediate assent: familiar, but better. I look in vain in some of his statements for such obvious confirmation of Jesus' claim that he has come not to destroy but to fulfill.

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