A Vision of Murder by Victoria Laurie

By Victoria Laurie

Expert psychic Abby Cooper has invested in a fixer-upper, hoping to make a killing within the genuine property marketplace. yet a killing of one other sort places her plans awry, because the ghost of a murdered lady and a few complicated poltergeists lead her right into a secret that stretches the entire as far back as global warfare II.


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Milo,” Dutch began as he reached carefully for his cane, “I don’t know what to tell you, buddy. One minute I’m looking at a woman with a head trauma and the next thing I know she just isn’t there. ” “Okay, okay,” Milo said, holding up a hand of concession. ” “I saw it too, Milo,” I said before Dutch had a chance to snap at his former partner. ” “Well, not exactly. ” “Absolutely,” I said, nodding. “Okay,” Milo shrugged and closed his notebook. ” “Well, if this doesn’t sound like something out of the X-Files I don’t know what does.

I hemmed, “I’m just not sure, Cat. ” “Oh, get over it,” Cat said looking sternly at me. “This isn’t charity, this is an investment. ” Cat obviously thought I was hesitating because I was reluctant to take her money—which she had gobs and gobs of. But taking her money hadn’t bothered me nearly as much as the thought of being her business partner. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my sister dearly. But I also know her and know how she operates. Cat is a financial genius and single-handedly runs a multimillion-dollar corporation she built on little more than chutzpah, but she is also a tyrant when it comes to being the boss.

I am forever grateful. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS More than any other manuscript I’ve written thus far, this one relied upon the help and generosity of so many people. In December of ’04, while walking down three snowy steps, I slipped and broke my hand. At the time, I was one hundred pages into this very manuscript—with two hundred more due in less than thirty days. I didn’t make that deadline; in fact, had it not been for the understanding, kindness and assistance of so many dear friends and family, I’m not sure I would have finished at all.

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