Abhidhamma in Daily Life by Nina Van Gorkom

By Nina Van Gorkom

Is an exposition of absolute realities intimately. Abhidhamma capability greater doctrine and the book's objective is to motivate definitely the right program of Buddhism on the way to remove mistaken view and finally all defilements. Many phrases in Pali the language of early Buddhism are used and are outlined as they're brought. the publication is accordingly appropriate for novices in addition to working towards Buddhists. it truly is distinctive and detailed and a useful relief to unlocking the deep that means of the whole Buddhist canon and utilizing the idea to our day-by-day lives for the good thing about ourselves and others

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It arises many times a day. 36 CHAPTER 4. THE CHARACTERISTIC OF LOBHA Lobha arises when there are conditions for its arising; it is beyond control. In many suttas the Buddha speaks about lobha, points out the dangers of it and the way to overcome it. The pleasant objects which can be experienced through the five senses are in several suttas called the “five strands of sense-pleasures”. We read in the Mah¯a-dukkhakkhandha-sutta (“Greater Discourse on the Stems of Anguish”, Middle Length Sayings I, no.

When we learn more about akusala cittas and kusala cittas and when we are mindful of their characteristics, we will notice ¯ that the pleasant feeling which may arise with lobha-mula-citta (citta rooted in attachment) is different from the pleasant feeling which may arise with kusala citta. Feeling (vedan¯a) is a cetasika which arises with every citta. When the citta is akusala, the feeling is also akusala, and when the citta is kusala, the feeling is also kusala. We may be able to know the difference between the characteristic of the pleasant feeling arising when we are attached to an agreeable sight 37 or sound, and the characteristic of the pleasant feeling arising when we are generous.

THE FIVE KHANDHAS ❆♥❞ ❤♦✇ ✐s ❜♦❞② s✐❝❦✱ ❜✉t ♠✐♥❞ ✐s ♥♦t s✐❝❦❄ ❍❡r❡✐♥✱ ❤♦✉s❡❢❛t❤❡r✱ t❤❡ ✇❡❧❧✲t❛✉❣❤t ❛r✐②❛♥ ❞✐s❝✐♣❧❡✳ ✳ ✳ r❡❣❛r❞s ♥♦t ❜♦❞② ❛s t❤❡ s❡❧❢✱ r❡❣❛r❞s ♥♦t t❤❡ s❡❧❢ ❛s ❤❛✈✐♥❣ ❜♦❞②✱ ♥♦r ❜♦❞② ❛s ❜❡✐♥❣ ✐♥ t❤❡ s❡❧❢✱ ♥♦r s❡❧❢ ❛s ❜❡✐♥❣ ✐♥ t❤❡ ❜♦❞②✳ ❍❡ s❛②s ♥♦t ✏■ ❛♠ ❜♦❞②✑✱ ❤❡ s❛②s ♥♦t ✏❜♦❞② ✐s ♠✐♥❡✑✱ ♥♦r ✐s ♣♦ss❡ss❡❞ ❜② t❤✐s ✐❞❡❛✳ ❆s ❤❡ ✐s ♥♦t s♦ ♣♦ss❡ss❡❞✱ ✇❤❡♥ ❜♦❞② ❛❧t❡rs ❛♥❞ ❝❤❛♥❣❡s ♦✇✐♥❣ t♦ t❤❡ ✉♥st❛❜❧❡ ❛♥❞ ❝❤❛♥❣❡❢✉❧ ♥❛t✉r❡ ♦❢ ❜♦❞②✱ t❤❡♥ s♦rr♦✇ ❛♥❞ ❣r✐❡❢✱ ✇♦❡✱ ❧❛♠❡♥t❛t✐♦♥ ❛♥❞ ❞❡s♣❛✐r ❞♦ ♥♦t ❛r✐s❡ ✐♥ ❤✐♠✳ ❍❡ r❡❣❛r❞s ♥♦t ❢❡❡❧✐♥❣ ✭✈❡❞❛♥✠❛✮ ❛s t❤❡ s❡❧❢✳ ✳ ✳ ❍❡ r❡❣❛r❞s ♥♦t ♣❡r❝❡♣t✐♦♥ ✭s❛ññ✠❛✮ ❛s t❤❡ s❡❧❢✳ ✳ ✳ ❍❡ r❡❣❛r❞s ♥♦t t❤❡ ❛❝t✐✈✐t✐❡s ✭s❛♥❦❤✠ ✡ ❛r❛❦❦❤❛♥❞❤❛✮ ❛s t❤❡ s❡❧❢✳ ✳ ✳ ❍❡ r❡❣❛r❞s ♥♦t ❝♦♥s❝✐♦✉s♥❡ss ✭✈✐ññ✠❛♥✳❛✮ ❛s t❤❡ s❡❧❢✳ ✳ ✳ ❚❤✉s✱ ❤♦✉s❡❢❛t❤❡r✱ ❜♦❞② ✐s s✐❝❦✱ ❜✉t ♠✐♥❞ ✐s ♥♦t s✐❝❦✳ So long as we are still clinging to the khandhas we are like sick people, but we can be cured of our sickness if we see the khandhas as they are.

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