Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Monster Manual II by Gary Gygax

By Gary Gygax

An alphabetical directory of monsters present in complicated Dungeons & Dragons adventures, together with assaults, harm, designated talents, descriptiosn and random come upon tables.

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This creature is found throughout the Lower Planes and is usually subservient to the more powerful daemons, while bullying and sadistic to all creatures weaker than itself. LEL Despite its looks, the piscodaemon isquite strong. If both of its massive 30 claws hit, the attacked creature has been seized by the daemon and drawn towards its maw. It will then attack with its short tentacles, seeking to inject the target with a venom that will be fatal in 6 rounds. (Saving throw vs. ) Seized charactersattackat -1 to hit.

P. VALUE: V11/2000 + 12/hp - Baphomet (Demon Lord) FREQUENCY: Unique (very rare) NO. APPEARING: 1 ARMOR CLASS: -4 MOVE: 24" HIT DICE: 106 hp %IN LAIR: 40% TREASURE TYPE: S, T, W, 2 NO. OF AlTACKS: 3 DAMAGE/AttACK 2-1 2/5-8/by weapon type SPECIALAtTACKS: See below SPECIAL DEFENSES: +2 or better weapon to hit MAGIC RESISTANCE: 75% INTELLIGENCE: Genius ALIGNMENT: Chaotic evil SIZE. P. VALUE: X/45,000 (for material form only) Baphomet is lord of minotaurs. His form is like that of a huge bullheaded ogre.

A dispelevil spell cast upon it inflicts 5-8 points of damage. A holy word pronounced against it inflicts 5-30 points of damage. Any character with a +4 or better magic weapon or a mace of disruption can inflict 1 point of damage upon the skull each time it is struck. Afarastucanalsosummon 1-2of its fellow tarrydemodands but only on the Planes of Tarterus. All farastu together can summon up to a total of 12 of their fellows. A demilich's skull takes 5 0 hit points before it is destroyed, and it is armor class -6.

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