Adventurer's Vault 2: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement by Rob Heinsoo

By Rob Heinsoo

Hundreds of thousands of latest guns, instruments, and magic goods on your D&D(R) character.Whether you are a participant searching for a brand new piece of kit or a Dungeon grasp stocking a dragon's hoard, this ebook has precisely what you wish.

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The wall is 2 squares high. This effect doesn't change the duration or other attributes of the power. f r o m t i m e to t i m e , in f o r m s o f v a r y i n g p o w e r . D a r k n e s s R e t u r n s : T h e forces of evil conspire to b a t h e t h e l a n d in d a r k n e s s o n c e a g a i n . H e r o e s a r e n e e d e d t o find a h o l y p l a c e of S e h a n i n e w h e r e a moonsilver staff w a i t s a n d banish this evil. S o c i e t y of S i l v e r : T h e S o c i e t y of Silver, a n organization m a d e u p of m e m b e r s of m a n y r a c e s , h a s b e e n f i g h t i n g a d r a w n - o u t , b l o o d y c a m p a i g n to e l i m i n a t e lycanthropes.

You damage rolls o f i m p l e m e n t p o w e r s f r o m t h a t c l a s s grant your spirit companion an aspect of the World that you use t h r o u g h t h e t o t e m , a n d y o u c a n u s e its properties a n d p o w e r s . M e m b e r s o f o t h e r c l a s s e s g a i n no benefit f r o m w i e l d i n g a t o t e m . Avalanche's W a k e T o t e m Level 1 9 T Your-spirit companion draws power from this jagged stone to­ tem to become as unstoppable as a landslide. 000 gp Lvl 24 +5 525,000 gp Implement (Totem) Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls Critical: -i-1d6 damage per plus, and you push the target 1 square per plus.

W i t h their n e w f o u n d k n o w l e d g e , they c r e a t e d the first rods of stolen starlight, R o d of t h e F i c k l e S e r v a n t Level )•< This special rod gives you access to a different vestige when you need it. 000 gp Implement (Rod) Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls Critical: +1H6 damaoe ner nlm o V r • Power (Daily): Free Action. Trigger: You hit an enemy af­ fected by your Warlock's Curse with an attack power us­ ing this rod. Effect: You make one of your primary vestiges your active vestige (Arcane Power, page 72).

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