Agents of Light and Darkness (Nightside, Book 2) by Simon R. Green

By Simon R. Green

A quest for the Unholy Grail-the goblet from which Judas drank on the final Supper-takes inner most eye John Taylor deep into the key, magical middle of London...called the Nightside.

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Emotions filled me, giving me a glimpse of what her final moment had been like. I felt, strangely, a strong vein of deep love but, most of all, betrayal of the most terrible sort. What had happened here? Blood had seeped out in a halo around her head, staining the carpet beneath. A patrolman was kneeling by the body, examining it with the curiosity of someone confronting death for the first time. He touched her left arm, then lifted it by the wrist and checked for a pulse, even though she was clearly gone.

A small boy squeals with delight as he swings from one monkey bar to the next. Yes, the man thinks. The boy is perfect. He will be the one. Chapter 1 Love is squandered by the human race. I have seen people kill in the name of love. I have watched others torture themselves with it, bleeding every drop of joy from their hearts because they always hunger for more, no matter how much love they may have. Love is different when you are dead. It becomes less self-serving and less specific. It transcends the whims of the chemical for a simple desire to be near.

His smile faded. “Maggie, I need you to take the lead on Fiona Harker’s murder. ” “She didn’t just treat him, she saved his life,” Gonzales said, his voice taking on an edge of genuine emotion I had never heard in him before. “I owe her. The emergency room was crashing in around us. It was a Saturday night and the ER was crowded with drunks bellowing and people brawling and all the doctors were just pushing the cases through and that—” His voice broke and he stopped to regain control. “That woman cared enough about my son to take a second look at his scan when the doctors had dismissed it and, because of her, they had him in surgery within half an hour.

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