Alpha Force: Hunted by Chris Ryan

By Chris Ryan

Alpha strength Hunted

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She didn't flinch, but stared back. Paulo could see the texture of her nose, the outline of her mouth like a rim of black leather, the way her sandy fur faded to white on her muzzle, the open jaws that revealed a red flash of tongue and the jagged outline of teeth. Chris stood up. Paulo swiftly moved his torch away from the lioness so that Chris wouldn't see her - he was bound to panic. 'Sit down, Chris,' he said. 'There's nothing there. ' Alex and Li were making good progress. They retraced their steps down to the path they had been following, and onto the track.

He looked up momentarily. ' His voice was groggy. Li mumbled hello. Amber kept up with them easily, poling herself along on the crutches as though she was punting a boat along a river. ' Hex looked at her distastefully. 'Oh no, it's Miss Motivator. ' Amber looked at the team in front of them. One of them had fallen over. Now was the chance for Alpha Force. ' She took off at a surprising speed, the crutches allowing her to vault over the ground in long strides. Hex's arm was still linked around Li's.

She landed at the base of the cliff and stepped out of the harness. The moment she let it go it was whisked back up to the top, brushing a hail of pebbles and sand down the rock face. ' said Paulo. ' Li's face was grim. 'I'm tired, that's all. ' She set off at a determined march. Paulo, Alex and Hex glanced at each other. Li looked angry with herself. They had to jog to keep up with her. Paulo tried to lighten the mood. 'What embarrassing things we do when we're tired, eh? ' 2 KILLERS The shots rang out, sending birds screeching into the sky, where the last rays of sun were sinking away for the day.

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