Alpha Force: Survival by Chris Ryan

By Chris Ryan

Alpha strength Survival

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I'm not sure it has gone,' said Li, grimly. 'They come to hunt in warm-water currents like this one, because there's always plenty of food here. My guess is, it's been following us, trying to decide what we are. ' 'I think I'm going to be sick,' gulped Amber, scrabbling for the side of the boat. Li's eyes sharpened. She grabbed Amber by the shoulders and turned her away from the side. 'No! You mustn't be sick. Not into the sea. Sharks have a fantastic sense of smell. ' Li stared into Amber's eyes, willing her not to be sick.

Said Li, slyly. Still, Alex hesitated. It felt wrong to him, but perhaps this was what A-Watch needed to finally bring them together. 'All right,' he said, reluctantly. ' THREE Ten minutes later, they were back. All the food and drink they had managed to collect was piled up in the middle of the aft-deck and Amber was busy packing it into two rucksacks. Paulo was acting as a look-out. When he nodded the all-clear, Hex and Alex grabbed the painter and began to haul it in, hand over hand. Li finished unclipping the rope-ladder and stood watching as the little tender moved steadily closer to the stern of the Phoenix.

Amber frowned, thinking about it. 'Nah. It's not stealing,' she said finally. 'How can it be? I mean, this whole boat sorta belongs to me. ' 'I'd like to hear you say that to Heather,' sneered Hex. 'Oh, yeah? ' said Hex. 'She'll find out. ' 'But we're not going to be on the aft-deck,' said Amber, smiling sweetly. She pointed over the stern rail to the water below. They all hurried to look over the rail. There, bobbing along in the wake of the Phoenix, was the little wooden boat they used to get from ship to shore on island stops.

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