America Embattled by R. Crockatt

By R. Crockatt

A reaction to the terrorist assaults of September eleventh, this paintings examines acts of terrorism in modern and historic contexts, examining the explanations for such violent hatred at the usa and the numerous influence the assaults have had at the nation's self-image and experience of security.Each bankruptcy specializes in a distinct point of view from which to view the terrorist assaults including-American international coverage, Anti-Americanism, post-Cold struggle politics and Islamic fundamentalism.

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56 It is easy to see how such sentiments, growing originally out of a sense of America’s welcome detachment from the world, could be converted into a sense of duty to bring these same benefits to others. Once the United States had arrived at world power, national self-interest and devotion to principle combined to place the assertion of American values high on the list of foreign policy priorities. 57 Implicitly, contrary or different sets of values lacked legitimacy. Given a free choice, most people would opt for liberal democracy.

Until the First World War, this meant predominantly Latin America and the Pacific, including China, the European balance of power being largely a European matter. This policy was directly in line with the long-standing precepts of the Monroe Doctrine (1823), which insisted that Europe’s affairs were Europe’s, and America’s were America’s. The Monroe Doctrine was both a “keep out” sign to the Great Powers of the old world and an undertaking that the United States would not interfere with their spheres of interest.

In the first two cases, the United States would accept little or no compromise to its rights as a neutral to trade with any other nations, including How America sees the world 31 the belligerents. In the 1930s, as war loomed in Europe, recognizing that trade in arms with the belligerents in the First World War had compromised its political neutrality, Congress passed a series of neutrality laws forbidding the selling of arms to nations at war. They were designed to insulate the United States from growing conflict in Europe as Hitler’s Germany pushed ever harder against its neighbors.

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