American Combat Judo by Bernard J Cosneck

By Bernard J Cosneck

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104 and Fig. i05). Fig. 102 Fig. 104 70 Fig. 103 Fig. 105 LAPEL THROW If your opponent is wearing a coat with lapels, the following procedure will put him on his back very quickly. POSITION : You are facing your opponent. ACTION: I. Grasp his right lapel securely in your right hand (Fig. 106). 2. Then twist your body to the left (Fig. 107) so that your back is to him (Fig. 108), and drop to your right knee. This action will pull him over your shoulder (Fig. 109). rIg. 106 Fig. 108 • 72 rig. 107 Fig.

162). ACTION: I. As your ()pponent commences the throw, relax your body so that its entire weight counters his action and at the same time securely grab his pants with your free hand (Fig. 163). Or 2. Bring the knee opposite your captured arm sharply up into his buttocks. thus throwing him forward and off balance (Fig. 164). Or 3. Jab your free thumb into the soft tissue above his hip. 1004 rIg. 162 Fig. 163 Fig. 164 DISARMING AN OPPONENT OF A KNIFE It is difficult to disarm an opponent of a knife despite a common belief to the contrary.

Deliver a blow with your fist to the same region, keeping the middle finger of your hand extended, but bent, to intensify the pain (Fig. 152). 2. Should the above fail to restore the victim to consciousness, pick him up and drive your knee into the base of his spine (Fig. 153) . 98 Fig. ISO Fig. 151 Fig. 152 Fig. 153 TAKING AN UNWILLING PRISONER THROUGH A DOORWAY At times you may find it necessary to remove an unwilling and stubborn person from one room to another, or to the street. This method will help you.

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