American National Standard Programming Language FORTRAN by American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

By American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

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D1 Notes for Table 1: (1) n is the number of dimensions, 1 < n < 7. (2) ji is the value of the lower bound of the ith dimension. (3) ki is the value of the upper bound of the ith dimension. (4) If only the upper bound is specified, then j i = 1. (5) si is the integer value of the ith subscript expression. (6) di = ki-ji+1 is the size of the ith dimension. If the value of the lower bound is 1, then di = ki. jn) has a subscript value of one and identifies the first element of the array. ,kn) identifies the last element of the array; its subscript value is equal to the number of elements in the array.

3 Arithmetic Constants Integer, real, double precision, and complex constants are arithmetic constants. 1 Signs of Constants An unsigned constant is a constant without a leading sign. A signed constant is a constant with a leading plus or minus sign. An optionally signed constant is a constant that may be either signed or unsigned. Integer, real, and double precision constants may be optionally signed constants, except where specified otherwise. 3 Integer Type An integer datum is always an exact representation of an integer value.

AND. 5. NOT.

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