American Religious Liberalism by Leigh E. Schmidt, Sally M. Promey

By Leigh E. Schmidt, Sally M. Promey

Religious liberalism in the United States has frequently been equated with an ecumenical Protestant institution. in contrast, American non secular Liberalism attracts awareness to the large variety of liberal cultures that shapes America’s spiritual events. The essays accumulated the following push past typical tropes and limits to interrogate spiritual liberalism’s dense cultural leanings through spirituality within the arts, the politics and piety of non secular cosmopolitanism, and the interplay among liberal faith and liberal secularism. Readers will discover a kaleidoscopic view of some of the revolutionary strands of America’s non secular previous and found in this richly provocative volume.

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Miller shared the Whitman Fellowship’s liberal religious agenda, its R e a di ng Poetry R eligiously 27 effort to place Whitman in a spiritual succession running from the Buddha through Jesus and the apostles to the present day. ”29 A vast body of scholarship has examined the relationship between black Protestant churches and the civil rights movement of the 1960s; Miller’s connection with the Whitman Fellowship reveals an alternative—and as yet virtually unstudied—stream within the black liberation movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries: a spiritually cosmopolitan approach that drew as heavily on Whitman’s poetry as on the Christian gospels.

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