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The phrase was attributed to Senator William Allen, of Ohio, a forceful figure in the Senate who counted among By 1844, however, his nicknames that of "Earthquake Allen/' In the end "fifty-four forty" was not the boundary accepted by us, and there was no fight, for both sides to the controversy were willing to compromise. In June 1846 by a treaty signed with Great Britain it was agreed to divide the region in dispute almost equally between the two claimants, fixing the boundary at the forty-ninth parallel, except the Island of Vancouver, which went to England* The States of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho are embraced in what was once the territory of Oregon.

It was in this campaign that the series of brilliant debates between the candidates took place. Lincoln's discussion on the merits o popular sovereignty in the territories, which was inextricably bound with the question of slavery, foreshadowed his speech of acceptance of the Republican nomination for the Senatorship. In this speech, delivered on June 16, 1858, before the State Convention in Springfield, he said: Republican " *A house divided against itself cannot stand/ I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free.

Native of Massachusetts, she went on a trip to California in 1872 and from there to Colorado where after her novelist, essayist, A marriage she lived the rest of her life. Becoming interested in the Indians as she observed them in the West, she prepared a voluminous report in which she sketched the history of the treatment of the Indians by the government States. This document of 457 and people of the United pages was titled A Century of Dishonor, and she sent at her own expense a copy to each member of Congress.

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