American Writers Classics, Volume 1 by Jay Parini

By Jay Parini

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Thus, his self will live on, in some form, and he has triumphed over mortality. Eventually, as the ditch where they are caged collapses in the midst of a rainstorm, the fortysix men manage to escape by swimming through the mud to get out from under the cages, pulling each other along by the chain that connects their shackled legs. This scene is one of the most dramatic in the whole of literature and contains the essence of desperation, of the desperate struggle of an oppressed people to obtain freedom: One by one, from Hi Man back on down the line, they dove.

Kaplan, Justin. Mr. Clemens and Mark Twain: A Biography. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1966. , ed. Twentieth Century Interpretations of "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn": A Collection of Critical Essays. : PrenticeHall, 1968. Smith, Henry Nash. Mark Twain: The Development of a Writer. : Harvard University Press, 1962. 17 Toni Morrison's Beloved PAULS HARIJS TOUTONGHI B to the view that slaves remained their owner's property regardless of whether they were on free soil. The section of the book that takes place in this era brims over with brutal images, a hallmark of Morrison's writing.

There is no violence, no eradication of her presence through a brutal act. Instead, the fact that she has vanished is indicated by the presence of the whimsically named dog, Here Boy, who had refused to come near the house when the ghost was present. "Here Boy, feeble and shedding his coat in patches, is asleep by the pump, so Paul D knows Beloved is truly gone. " Beloved's soft leaving is a dramatic contrast against the struggles of the preceding chapters. The ultimate resolution of this part of the plot offers some amount of peace, but it is a peace that is elusive and somewhat compromised by the conclusion of the entire novel.

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