Americans at Work: A Guide to the Can-Do People by Craig Storti

By Craig Storti

Even if you're employed with american citizens face-to-face, converse with them by way of phone or e mail, or have interaction jointly in a digital crew, americans at paintings unearths the delicate and the not-so-subtle elements of yank tradition within the place of work. find out about immediately speak, American type, and the way american citizens aren’t continuously as direct as they are saying they're. discover why american citizens are deeply conflicted approximately energy: they crave it yet hate to be stuck yearning it. See how american citizens view outsiders. achieve advice for succeeding within the American paintings atmosphere. eventually, get the fundamentals of work-related etiquette: accomplishing conferences, giving suggestions, nonverbal communique, electronic mail ideas, presents, taboo issues and so forth.

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B. A. B. It is not always wise to plan too far ahead because many things turn out to be a matter of good or bad fortune. When I make plans, I am almost certain I can make them work. Many times I feel that I have little influence over the things that happen to me. It is impossible for me to believe that chance or luck plays an important role in my life. Most people don’t realize the extent to which their lives are controlled by accidental happenings. ” Out of the twelve countries surveyed,* more Americans (68 percent) agreed with statement B than any other nationality (1993, 65).

As a result, they will neither understand nor be especially sympathetic when non-Americans like you get upset with them. Americans are quite capable of believing that while it’s only natural that they will get upset with you from time to time, there would never be any reason for you to get upset with them. All appearances to the contrary, the point here is really not to put down or complain about Americans but to explain them. And a good place to start is by pointing out how their national experience has conditioned them to be more ethnocentric and less self-aware than many other nationalities.

Either way, while the famous flexibility of American business, the knack Americans have of being able to “turn on a dime,” is unarguably one of its great strengths, a lot of that turning isn’t true turning at all; it’s just the wheels spinning ever faster in place. Change for the sake of change — the notion that change in and of itself is a good thing — doesn’t resonate with a lot of non-Americans, which can make working with Americans a harrowing experience. qxd 6/2/04 1:56 PM Page 31 The Land of Opportunity 31 come from a culture where the pace of change is more gradual or where there is a lower tolerance for change, you may be wary of making longterm commitments to or otherwise involving yourself too deeply with Americans.

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