An Illustrated Catalog of the Neotropic Arctiinae Types in by Allan Watson

By Allan Watson

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Holotype $ : "Collection Wm. Schaus; S. C. Patchett Coll; Buena Vista, Colombia; Type No. ; Prumala dorisca Schs. type; Arctiidae genitalia slide no. AW52; Holotype ? Prumala dorisca Schaus A. W. " Pachydota ducasa Schaus PLATES 646; 1966, d Pachydota ducasa Schaus, 1950, p. 222. 0 mm. Front of head dark greyish brown, vertex white. Thorax dark greyish brown. Forewing dark greyish brown, with purplish grey transverse bands. Hindwing yellowish white and greyish brown. Abdomen (dorsally) segment 1 orange-yellow, 2-4 black with orange-yellow patches laterally, 5 orangeyellow with black medial triangle (apex pointed anteriorly), 6 and 7 orange-yellow with black posterior border, 8 orange-yellow with greyish brown tail fringe; ventrally greyish brown.

W. " Neritos cyclopera Hampson PLATES 116; 98a, 6 Halisidota daltoni Schaus PLATES 516; 165c, d Halisidota daltoni Schaus, 1941, p. 503. 5 mm. Head, tegulae, and front of patagia greyish yellow, rest of thorax pale yellow. Forewing and hindwing pale yellow with greyish yellow markings. Abdominal segments 1-3 pale yellow dorsally, 4-8 greyish yellow; ventrally grey-yellow. A single type-specimen (USNM 34762) from Santa Catharina, Brazil, is designated in the original description. Holotype cf: "Type No.

Described from a single male from "Saint-Laurent du Maroni," French Guiana. Holotype c? : "Dognin Collection; Type No. ; St. Laurent du Maroni, Guyane franc,aise; Melese erythrastis Dognin. type cf Hmpsn. 07; Arctiidae genitalia slide No. AW224; Holotype cf Melese erythrastis Dognin A. W. " Epicrisias eschara Dyar PLATES 47fc; 242c Epicrisias eschara Dyar, 1912, p. 55. 0 mm. Front of head black. Vertex orange. Tegulae and front of patagia orange, rest of thorax greyish orange. Forewing with orange costal area, apex, 32 SMITHSONIAN CONTRIBUTIONS TO ZOOLOGY and outer marginal band; rest greyish orange (striate transversely).

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