An Ocean in Common: American Naval Officers, Scientists, and by Gary E. Weir

By Gary E. Weir

Via global conflicts and the chilly battle, the united states army and American ocean scientists drew nearer, changing a wedding of necessity right into a courting of accomplishment. starting in 1919, this research strains the 1st forty two years in their joint quest to appreciate one another and the deep ocean.

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Three years earlier, Hobbs had suggested an oceanographic expedition in cooperation with the navy and he informed the secretary that the CNO during that period, Admiral Coontz, had looked favorably upon the proposal. In the intervening years, Hobbs lobbied the Geological Society of America and the NRC, and now saw 24 AN OCEAN IN COMMON in the Hayes recommendations an opportunity to launch the project with considerable support from the navy and the scientiWc community. In his January letter, Hobbs suggested the PaciWc and Caribbean as the focus of the joint oceanographic expedition and oVered some ideas on organization and logistical support.

To the acclaim of the congress organizers, Secretary Denby agreed to allow the navy to participate. After initially rejecting the old light cruiser Denver (CL16) and investigating the availability of funds for the enterprise, he sent the newly commissioned light cruiser Milwaukee (CL-5), with Capt. William C. Asserson in command, to undertake the Australian adventure. Captain Frederic B. Bassett, the new Hydro chief, instructed Asserson to make a series of ocean-bottom proWles en route to illustrate a presentation Asserson would make to the congress on the SDF and its operation.

The latter would run approximately $7,500,bringing the projected cost of the project to $57,500. Although the conference placed the greatest emphasis on geology and geophysics, those problems given priority represented all of the major disciplines within the Weld of oceanography. The invention of the SDF created many opportunities to study the conWguration of the ocean bottom. Those interested in the Earth’s crust no longer suVered from blindness. ” Greater understanding of the sediments that compose the ocean bottom as well as violent changes caused by earthquakes and volcanoes now appeared to scientists in the broader context of ocean-bottom proWles and some of the Wrst regional maps of the ocean Xoor.

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