Ancient Pagan and Modern Christian Symbolism with an Essay by Thomas Inman

By Thomas Inman

1915. Christians consider that they have got a divine monopoly on fact. they don't. This ebook irrefutably indicates how a lot of Christianity's symbols are from some distance previous ''pagan'' resources. This e-book doesn't disparage Christianity yet presents a connecting hyperlink for what has been a continual resource of symbolic wisdom passed right down to us from the ancients. a variety of illustrations.

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To his astonishment she pointed her thumb precisely in the manner adopted by the Assyrian priests; this surprised the young man still farther, and being, as it were, fascinated, he continued to gaze. The damsel then grasped the thumb by the other hand; thus indicating her profession. My friend, who was wholly inexperienced in the ways of the world, only understood what was meant when he saw my explanation of Fig. I. 5 readily be recognised; it is meant for Ouranos, or the Sun fructifying Terra, or the earth, by pouring from himself into her.

The dragon, as we know it, is, I believe, a mediæval creation; such a creature is only spoken of in the Bible in the Book of Revelation, and the author of that strange production drew his inspiration on this point from the lliad, where a dragon is described as of huge size, coiled like a snake, of blood-red colour, shot with changeful hues, and having three heads. Homer, Liddell, and Scott add—used dr£kwn and Ôfij indifferently for a serpent. , in ch. xx. 2. I have I been unable to discover any gnostic gem with anything like a modern dragon on it.

27, and. v. ” Another equally vulgar way of describing men is to be found in 1 Kings xiv. 10. But xxxi these observations would not serve us much in symbolism did we not know that they were associated with certain euphemisms by which when one thing is said another is intended; for an illustration let us take Isaiah vii. 20, and ask what is meant by the phrase, “the hair of the feet” ? It is certain that the feet are never hairy, and consequently can never be shaved. Again, when we find in Gen. xlix.

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