Angel & Faith Season 10 5 by Victor Gischler

By Victor Gischler

Angel & religion is a ongoing comedian ebook sequence from darkish Horse Comics, which maintains on from Angel & religion in addition to Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9. The sequence is released below the Season Ten banner.

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Jeri knew the story by heart. Jericho was a walled city. God’s battle plan for Joshua was extremely odd. “Your armed men should march around the city once per day for six days. Seven priests shall carry trumpets. On the seventh day, march around the city seven times, with the priests blowing the trumpets. Then have the whole army shout! ” Those instructions must have been hard to obey. But by trusting God’s plan–even when it didn’t makesense–Joshua was given the victory. Her mom had been in a battle too–for both their lives.

Jeri thought the frozen lake looked sinister now. How had Rosa spent the night? Had she even woken up this morning? Jeri stared up at the top of snowcapped Landmark Mountain, comforted by how it towered protectively over the town, their school, and the lake. Tall armies of white pine stood at attention on every slope of the mountain, guarding the picturesque town. A V-formation of honking Canada geese flew north overhead, knowing instinctively that spring and new life were just around the corner.

Then the headmistress turned in Jeri’s direction, lips pressed in a hard, thin line. ” Jeri nodded in confusion. Didn’t she deserve a pat on the back for her quick thinking? ” The Head’s perfect skin was marred by angry splotches. ” Jeri asked. ” she exploded. “No, it’s not,” she repeated at a lower decibel. ” She spoke through clenched jaws. ” Jeri flinched as if struck. The headmistress stared through Jeri as if she were a pane of glass. “Never take matters into your own hands again! ” Jeri nodded.

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