Baroque and Rococo by Sacheverell Sitwell

By Sacheverell Sitwell

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By Is Carella, with this an Arcadian PRELUDIO Rome was hundreds of miles away. Greek antiquity lay at hand and all around. So it could be suggested that the art movement of which these buildings are the evidence was less Italian than Greek of aspiration, and that this explains its lightness and gracefulness of hand. Perhaps, too, it is a clue to we now where to some same conditions reproduced themselves that had made thousand five hundred years before. the Sicilian buildings The trend of us to where it are nearing, these preliminary remarks, as the reader leaves us in April or little extent the possible two may remember, takes it May of 192 1.

Between an arch of rock on which beetle or ant-like fishermen mysteriously disport themselves, and a double row of open porticos like Customs sheds leading to a pier which stands out in the middle foreground of water. Round the corner of this is the inner harbour pool where boats with furled sails are lying that could be the trabaccoli of Venice, coastal trading vessels sailing to Trieste and Istria, or topi and hragozzi of Chioggia, the fishing town at the far end of the lagoon, this, as in a Venetian view by Guardi, seventeen centuries earlier in time and at the foot of four enormous statue-bearing columns that would dwarf the pair of granite columns of the Piazzetta, with the pillared buildings of the city crowding the to the harbour lies distance in every direction behind them.

The other curious happening was when we were veduta style 32 THE KINGDOM OF THE THREE SICILIES looking at an altar painting in another of the huge churches* - a painting bed and an angel coming down and touching her to heal her with a golden spear, a painting in the direct tradition of Bernini's Ecstasy of St Theresa, but painted as by the hand of a follower of G. Tiepolo - when the sacristan advanced on us to enquire whether we would care to be which showed a child ill in an old woman and still living in the town.

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