Before Ever After by Samantha Sotto

By Samantha Sotto

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Ms. ” Smiling at her was the scruffier, though no less charming, version of the fairy tale she had dreamed up when she still believed in happy endings and had married a hundred times over in her wedding finery of crocheted doilies and her mother’s high heels. Her heart, without any consultation with Sister Margaret, leaped. Shelley chewed her lip. This was dangerous. She stuck her hand in her pocket and fumbled for her list. Meet. Date. She couldn’t remember what came next. ” “Er, are you Ms. ” “I do.

Paolo was right. If there had been any doubt in Shelley’s mind of the identity of the man on her computer screen, the pendant around his neck had torn it into a million pieces. But knowledge and acceptance are two very different things. Shelley rejected the truth not because it challenged reason but because admitting that Max was alive was more painful than believing he was dead. That he was alive only meant one thing—that he had chosen to leave her—and that she could never accept. She buried her face in Paolo’s chest and wept.

But I’m afraid there’s more. ” “A computer? Certainly. ” Shelley let her hallucination run its course, not really knowing what else she could do. She led Paolo upstairs to Max’s old office. Paolo walked over to the laptop. ” Shelley grinned. Paolo sat down at the antique mahogany desk and tapped away on the keyboard: T-h-e-B-a-c-k-p-a-c-k-i-n-g-G-o-u-r-m-e-t. Reggae music played as the website loaded. “Mrs. Gallus …” Shelley put her hand on Paolo’s shoulder and smiled. ” “Uh, okay. Shelley. ” She doubted him.

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