Beginning Perl by James Lee

By James Lee

Originally created as a strong textual content processing software, Perl has for the reason that advanced right into a multi-purpose, multi-platform language able to enforcing numerous projects similar to procedure management, CGI and community programming, XML processing, and extra. Beginning Perl, moment Edition offers beneficial perception into Perl's function in all of those projects and more.

Commencing with a complete evaluate of language fundamentals, you are going to research all approximately vital strategies equivalent to Perl's information kinds and keep watch over movement constructs. This fabric units the degree for a dialogue of extra advanced subject matters, reminiscent of writing customized capabilities, utilizing general expressions, and dossier enter and output. subsequent, we flow directly to the complex themes of item orientated programming, modules, CGI programming, and database management with Perl's strong database interface module, DBI. The examples and code supplied provide you with the entire details you must commence writing your individual strong scripts to resolve the issues indexed above, and plenty of more.

Whether you're a entire beginner or an skilled programmer, Beginning Perl, moment Edition bargains an excellent advisor to studying Perl.

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So much for what you have to do-what does the computer have to do? Once we have specified the task in our programming language, the computer takes our instructions and performs them. This is called running or executing the program. Usually, we'll specify the instructions in a file, which we edit with an ordinary text editor; sometimes, if we have got a small program, we can get away with typing the whole thing in at the command line. Either way, the instructions that we give to the computer-in this case, written in Perl-are collectively called the source code (or sometimes just source) to our program.

We're actually testing if 0 is more than 3, which has the opposite effect to what we wanted. , we can also use the slightly easier-to-read versions, and, or, and not. There's also xor, for exclusive or (one or the other but not both are true), which doesn't have a symbolic form. pl line Test one: Test two: 1$ s. We can tell from the presence of the warning about line 5 and from the position of the prompt that something is amiss (or least Unix users can-Windows users need to be a bit more alert since Windows automatically adds a newline character at the end of the program so the system prompt will be on the next line, but the blank line that is expected will not be there).

The first operators we're going to meet are the quote-like operators that do this for us. They're written as ql I and qql I, the first acting like a single-quoted string, and the second like a double-quoted string. pl print qqi'"Hi," said Jack. "'\nl; Alternative Delimiters That's all very well, of course, until we want a I in the string. "-now we're back where we started, having to escape things again. Thankfully, Perl allows us to choose our own delimiters so we don't have to stick with I I. Any nonalphanumeric (that is, nonalphabetic and nonnumeric) character can be used as a delimiter, provided it's the same on both sides of the text.

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