Boston Furniture of the Eighteenth Century by Walter Muir Whitehill

By Walter Muir Whitehill

Бостонская мебель восемнадцатого века.

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Chairs with similar round seats were sold by Samuel Grant ill 1729. 42 Boston Furniture of the Eighteenth Century Furniture in the Queen Anne style was introduced during the late 1720S. "62 Such a chair was probably related in form to an example attributed to New York (fig. 30). The round seat reflected an increasing emphasis on the curved line, a chiefcharacteristic of the new style. "65 These chairs presumably had cabriole legs, pad feet, and slip seats. It seems likely that they also had straight stiles, curved crest rails, and vase-shaped splats or banisters, as they were often called.

TABLE. Eastern Massachusetts, c. 1730-1760. Maple and white pine; H. 25 1/2 inches, w. 31 inches (open), D. 31% inches. 35 The reference to pillared drawers describes the narrow document drawers with applied pilasters, seen on many Boston eighteenth-century desks (fig. 15). Holmes's workmen constructed 16 desks and bookcases and 16 chests of drawers. To decorate these large pieces of furniture, they often applied carved or inlaid shells. In 1733 William Randle was paid for gilding two carved shells,probably for a high chest (fig.

Walnut and white pine; H. 86 1/ 8 inches, w. 43% inches, D. 23 1/ 8 inches. ) This chest is decorated with inlaid shells, probably similar to those set ill by Richard Woodward. The Boston Furniture Industry 1720-1740 23 Johnson, made a tea chest and frame, a tankard board, and a double chest of drawers. None of Holmes's craftsmen working outside the city produced similar one-of-a-kind items. These workmen charged Holmes for the amount oflabor involved in making or assisting on a piece of furniture.

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