Breakthrough Advertising: How to Write Ads That Shatter by eugene schwartz

By eugene schwartz

Gene's ebook addresses the common challenge of all copywriting: the best way to write a headline .

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To capture a feeling, a hope, a desire, a fear in words. To create a catchword or a slogan. To focus emotion, and give it a goal. " "Who else wants a whiter wash—with no hard work':"" "How to win friends and influence people. "To men who want to cjuit work some day. ' "Now! Run your car without spark plugs'' "Who ever heard of 17,000 />/<>om* ironi a single plant 0 " And dozens more. Here, amorphous desire has been crystallized in the headline. Then sharpened and expanded in the first few paragraphs; satisfied and documented in the body of the ad: and focussed inevitably on the product throughout.

What is the mass desire that creates this market? ) 2. How much do these people know today about the way your product satisfies this desire? ) 3. How many other products have been presented to them before yours? (Their State of Sophistication. The answer to question 1 gives von the nation-wide force that creates your market. The answer to questions 2 and 3 gives you the location of that market in relation to vour product. Your strategy for exploiting or overcoming the answers to these last two questions will give you the content of vour headline.

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