Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 11 by Christos N. Gage, Nicholas Brendon

By Christos N. Gage, Nicholas Brendon

With the paranormal facet of items momentarily less than keep an eye on, Buffy and team have an opportunity to accommodate their own lives: issues warmth up among Xander and sunrise, younger Giles is visited through an past love, Andrew introduces a few new pals, and the Slayer is completely set for around one in all pace courting! Then the undesirable man indicates up.

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The crow had spread its wings, and was now drifting down toward the handmaid. There was a blur and a cold ripple and the crow became a man, a huge, chain-armoured, baldheaded man, who looked down on the maid. She said something and he giggled in reply. He raised a hand, gestured delicately and the girl buckled, gurgling, then flew limp and sprawling to one side with blood spraying onto the cobbles. Princess Sharn groaned as if in ecstasy. The eunuch slowly approached her. Beside Guld, the hunter raised his weapon and took careful aim.

A taloned hand snapped down. The rat— Whitemane, Guld realized, it must be— had time for a single piteous squeal before it vanished into the demon's fanged maw. " Bauchelain roared, stepping forward. The towering demon flinched, shoulders hunching. " The demon spat out a mangled, red-smeared lump of fur that bounced once on the cobbles then lay still. " The eunuch sniffed in the rat's direction, then shrugged. " Bauchelain addressed the demon once more: "Fortunate for you, Kenyl'rah. " a voice cried from one side.

He swung back to Korbal Broach. "My friend, we've outstayed our welcome. Our manservant lays out the coin— our baggage is being carted to our transport. " At that moment something white and the size of a fat cat darted from the shattered barrow. " He gestured once more. An ethereal demon rose hulking and massive in the white rat's path. A taloned hand snapped down. The rat— Whitemane, Guld realized, it must be— had time for a single piteous squeal before it vanished into the demon's fanged maw.

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