Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 15 by Christos N. Gage

By Christos N. Gage

Buffy and the group come head to head with a terrifying new demon that stocks a unique bond with Spike, threatening his growing to be connection to the Slayer.

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I hear four hundred years is far from a record stall. Nobody knows much about the Loghyr. The Dead Man will babble on for weeks without dropping a hint himself. I leaned against a set of shelves loaded with souvenirs from old cases and knickknacks the Dead Man likes to grab with a thought and send swooping around if he feels that will rattle a visitor already distressed by his less than appetizing appearance. Could you not have selected clothing less threadbare? In business it is important to present a businesslike appearance.

Queen bitch! ” Literal-minded clerks. “Stow it, bird,” I growled at the Goddamn Parrot. My visitors exchanged looks again. This could go on all day. 7 The blond said, “I apologize, Mr. Garrett. ” the parrot squawked. ” The brunette smiled insincerely. “Is that ventriloquism? When I was little I had an uncle who could—” “Why does everybody ask that? No. This devil-spawn of a seven-color jungle pigeon does it all on his own. He’s got a vocabulary bigger than yours or mine and every word is foul. Fowl.

Relway nodded. My relationship with Weider was no secret. “His daughter Alyx says somebody claiming to be from The Call took a run at her brother Ty. They wanted a piece of the gross. That didn’t sound like The Call. ” “They might,” Relway agreed. “I haven’t heard of it being discussed seriously. Yet. ” “Exactly. ’ ” Interesting. Sounded like he attended Call council meetings himself. ” I wouldn’t have thought even the most fanatic member of The Call would dare jostle Chodo Contague. Chodo was the king of organized crime.

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