Building Comprehension - Grade 9 by Ellen M Dolan

By Ellen M Dolan

Enticing tales protecting well-known figures, activities personalities and occasions, mysteries, mess ups, legends and mythology, and outstanding proof in technology and nature carry scholars curiosity and seize their imaginations. A managed vocabulary averaging clarity degrees under content material guarantees figuring out and promotes self assurance. Follow-up questions make stronger key comprehension abilities.

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Fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, charcoal, and even medicines are sold on sampans. Some of the newer sampans carry clothing and souvenirs for tourists. Some sampans are even equipped with small stoves and can offer hot meals to customers. The canals are noisy places because each merchant calls out what he has to sell. In the past, there was only one road in Bangkok. People traveled everywhere by boat. The floating markets proved to be an easy way to shop. For a person who had no refrigerator, shopping at a floating market provided fresh food for each meal.

They had landed on a whale! With one swish of its tail, the whale destroyed Sinbad’s little boat and dumped him into the sea. Sinbad grasped a piece of floating timber and hung onto it until morning. At dawn, Sinbad, now all alone in the sea, saw a real island. He managed to swim to it and drag himself on shore. Some men found him and took them to their king. The king was kind to Sinbad. He gave him food, clothes, and jewels and told Sinbad about life on the island. In return, Sinbad told him many stories about Baghdad.

Hat. c. piece of clothing like a long shirt. © Milliken Publishing Company Egypt was prosperous. poor. b. wealthy and successful. c. at war. 26 Was Hatshepsut a strong-willed woman? a. Yes, she insisted on marrying a pharaoh. b. No, she did not like fighting. Yes, she took the throne away from her nephew. MP3393 Twenty-four Hours in Le Mans The first Grand Prix auto race was held in Le Mans, France, in 1906. It seemed only natural that a new type of auto racing, an endurance race, would also have its start there.

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