Building Vocabulary Skills and Strategies Level 3 by Joanne Suter

By Joanne Suter

Building Vocabulary talents & innovations sequence. Heres a good vocabulary application that's both applicable for more youthful scholars operating at grade point and older scholars who've forgotten or by no means mastered the fundamentals. The pleasant glance and tone of this sequence belies the excellent sweep of the academic series. each topicfrom fundamental point phonics to the really good terminology of essay testsis built from the floor up. contains solution key, 144-pages

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Things were going wrong with our car. A loud clank came from the rear. Sometimes the engine purred smoothly, but sometimes it squealed like a pig. The radio no longer played music. Instead, it put out a steady buzz. The pitter-patter of rain against the windows made me nervous. The windshield wipers seldom worked. Instead of going swish in a steady rhythm, they went creak, clink, screech. I think the time has come for us to get a new car. B. On the line below, write sentences using the following “noisy” words: boom honk rattle thump 1.

Hopeful _____________________ 21. magical _____________________ 10. grasped _____________________ 22. forceful _____________________ 11. tied _____________________ 23. wealthy _____________________ 12. searched _____________________ 24. drifting _____________________ Complete each sentence with one of the base words you wrote above. 1. After the snowstorm, our car was buried in a ____________________. 2. ” exclaimed Waldo the Wonderful as he performed his ____________________ act. 3. The pilgrims sailed the Mayflower to the country we now call ____________________.

4. (star) The rock singer became so famous he was called a _____________________. 5. (teen) At age 12, Christina was a _____________________. com 33 PREFIXES 2 Every prefix has its own meaning. Understanding the prefix can help you figure out the meaning of the whole word. A. The prefix re- means again. Read each sentence as it is. Then add the prefix re- to the beginning of the boldface word. As you read the sentence again, notice how the word’s meaning has changed. 1. The directions told me to ____read the sentence.

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