Building Vocabulary Skills and Strategies Level 5 by Joanne Suter

By Joanne Suter

Building Vocabulary talents & suggestions sequence. Heres an excellent vocabulary application that's both acceptable for more youthful scholars operating at grade point and older scholars who've forgotten or by no means mastered the fundamentals. The pleasant glance and tone of this sequence belies the great sweep of the academic series. each topicfrom basic point phonics to the really good terminology of essay testsis constructed from the floor up. comprises solution key, 144-pages

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Extra resources for Building Vocabulary Skills and Strategies Level 5 (Highinterest Building Vocabulary Skills & Strategies)

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The door is open, so he enters. He sees a custodian mopping a classroom floor. It’s so quiet that Ramon feels he should (3) tiptoe to his locker. Then, something draws his attention to the chemistry lab. Ramon feels a (4) flicker of excitement. Like a (5) spy, he stands on (6) tiptoes and peeks through a high window into the lab. There he sees a flame (7) flicker. A large man is bent over a gas burner. Ramon sees white liquid (8) bubbling in a glass beaker. Who is this person doing strange experiments in the dark of night?

The members of the Perfect Pitch Trio _h___________________ to make beautiful music. 5. The earthquake was a _t____________________ experience that left people fearing the slightest tremor. 6. The roofer’s fall caused head _t____________________. 7. The parking lot manager displayed a _d___________________ stating he took no responsibility for damage to cars. 8. ” the lawyer asked the suspect. 9. Benji works for a ____________________ p company, selling medicines to doctors’ offices. 10. After leaving the doctor’s office, Tyrone took a prescription to the neighborhood ___________________.

These words may be unfamiliar, so check a dictionary. 1. amok (or amuck) a. to make a dirty mess b. to rush about in a rage 2. aardvark a. a southern African animal that eats ants and termites b. a flat-bottomed, wooden boat used during times of flooding 6. gizzard 3. coxcomb a. a conceited fellow who shows off his clothes a. the second stomach of a bird b. the part of a ship where cargo is stored b. a fragrant yellow flowering shrub 7. gizmo 4. dirigible a. sturdy, hardy a. a frosty summer drink b.

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