Bury Elminster Deep (Forgotten Realms: The Sage of by Ed Greenwood

By Ed Greenwood

Elminster's archenemy, the vampiric Lord Manshoon, thinks he has destroyed Elminster finally. yet Elminster survives within the type of magical ash, and with the aid of his scion, a fop who's growing to be right into a real nobleman, and his longtime spouse typhoon, he nonetheless has an opportunity to counter Manshoon's insidious plots.

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Dozens of laboring zombies toil here as well, repairing buildings, hauling trade goods and cargoes, or replacing cobblestones. The air is pungent with the odors of the sea and unwashed buccaneers. It is here that one sees the worst slums and most obvious examples of poverty. Beggars and ragpickers shuffle about, rummaging through discarded crates and barrels of refuse, while dark-clad figures watch from rooftops and alleys looking for easy prey. Lighting is easily equal to strong lanternor torchlight in most places, though.

Those who do unjust harm to any of his teamsters had better be prepared to defend themselves against an army of over 100 enraged goblins and kobolds. In the past, Haffa has marshaled an impromptu army in less than an hour’s time. Occasionally one of Haffa’s workers gets wise and attempts to supplement his income with a little pilfering or by holding back some of his fares. The broken remains of these unfortunates are displayed hanging from the eaves in front of the shop as a reminder of the half-ogre’s limited patience.

Many folks come here to have Madame Iyvdanya read their palms, consult the tea leaves, or perform a card reading for them. She does good business, as sailors and pirates are notoriously superstitious where such things as fate and omens are concerned. After a quick assessment of a client’s wealth, for 10 sp to 5 gp she will read the cards, a person’s palm, tea leaves, oracle sticks, or the patterns dropped by the wax of a jiggled burning candle. ) When she sees bad fortune ahead for her clients, which is more often than not, she prescribes a folk remedy, such as wearing one’s clothes inside out for a tenday, to try to ward it off.

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