Campeche maya colonial by William Folan Higgins (coord.)

By William Folan Higgins (coord.)

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America's Child Care Problem: The Way Out

The revolution in women’s lives has created an exceptional call for for non-parental baby care, and sparked a turning out to be baby care run by way of either private and non-private prone. during this booklet, esteemed economists learn the explanations and capability therapies of the kid care difficulties that face this nation this present day.

The American Dream--For Men Only?: Gender, Immigration, and the Assimilation of Israelis in the United States (New Americans)

Lev Ari seems heavily at 3 parts of Israelis immigration to and assimilation within the united states: factors and the choice to to migrate; monetary, social and cultural assimilation, and the respondents attitudes towards a go back to Israel. The theoretical framework is anchored in new perceptions of migration examine, rather in transnationalism idea.

Neither Peace nor Freedom The Cultural Cold War in Latin America

In the course of the chilly struggle, left-wing Latin American artists, writers, and students labored as diplomats, suggested rulers, adversarial dictators, or even led international locations. Their competing visions of social democracy and their pursuit of justice, peace, and freedom led them to organisations subsidized through the governments of the chilly battle powers: the Soviet-backed global Peace Council, the U.

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Abigail was the only woman ever to be both the wife of a president and the mother of a president. •When he was a young man, John Adams decided he would never get married. He thought it would get in the way of his career. But later he visited a pretty girl named Hannah Quincy and almost asked her to marry him. This scared him so much he ran out of the house, and never came back! 29 Glossary Advise—to help a person decide things. Cabinet—one group of people in the United States government; the cabinet is picked by the president.

Links to historical documents, audio and video files, and other presidential sites are included to enrich this site. html Visit this wonderful biographical Web site of John Adams. This site includes links to other great sites, speeches, fun facts, his inaugural address, information on his family, and much more. These sites are subject to change. Go to your favorite search engine and type in United States presidents for more sites. C.

Protest—to strongly object to something. Puritan—a person who wanted a simple form of worship with strict morals. Retire—to give up an office or job. Revolution—a complete change in government, often by force. Taxes—extra fees paid to the government. gov Visit the official site of the White House. There is an introduction from the United State’s current president. Also included is extensive biographies of each president, White House history information, art in the White House, First Ladies, and First Families.

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