Castle Sites (Ad&D Accessory) by Sam Witt, Eric Olson

By Sam Witt, Eric Olson

Citadel websites bargains a desirable and distinctive inspect the workings of 7 extraordinary fortresses:

Kaurak Kholzil, a dwarven bastion equipped into the face of a cliff to guard a wealthy adamantium mine;

Cloud continue, the flying fort of a hurricane huge clan;

Dragon's Coffin, equipped to maintain an historical black dragon trapped inside of its subterranean lair; plus a walled valley, the ruined fort of a lich, a border castle, and a frontier outpost.

Each access incorporates a description of the site's visual appeal, historical past, and structure, a close floorplan, entire information at the NPCs who stay (or died) there, and experience hooks to attract participant characters into the surroundings.

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