Crown of Fire (Forgotten Realms: Shandril's Saga, Book 2) by Ed Greenwood

By Ed Greenwood

The second one booklet in Ed Greenwood’s first Forgotten geographical regions trilogy.

Author Ed Greenwood persisted the tale of Shandril of Highmoon during this moment quantity of the Shandril’s Saga trilogy. This mass marketplace version of the alternate paperback gains new hide artwork through Jon Sullivan.

AUTHOR BIO: A resident of Ontario, Ed Greenwood created the Forgotten nation-states environment approximately 30 years in the past and has written countless numbers of novels, articles, and video game items within the atmosphere. His latest novel is Elminster’s Daughter.

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City Sites (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition) by Skip Williams, Paul Jaquays

By Skip Williams, Paul Jaquays

City Sites, the 1st in a sequence of AD&D online game floorplans, comprises broad info on city settings that participant characters tend to stopover at in any crusade. for example, there's:

A smithy run through gnomes

A temple that is domestic to an orphaned dragon

A tavern that consumers cannot input until eventually they provide the password

This ebook additionally describes motels, a making a song fountain, a prison, and masses more!

Each websites access tells the Dungeon grasp what where feels like initially look and provides a close floorplan of the internal in addition to an image of the outside. Readers additionally locate attention-grabbing notes concerning the characters who stay and paintings in each one website, and one or rules for personalizing the spot to fit any adventure.

From now on, make a visit to town effortless - and interesting!

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Spider and Stone by Jaleigh Johnson

By Jaleigh Johnson

Lolth-patron deity of the drow, Spider Queen, regent of the Demon net Pits-has once more stirred the darkish elves into roiling aggression opposed to the remainder of Faerûn, reveling within the chaos born from her darkish schemata. this can be the increase of the Underdark.

In Iltkazar, the final subterranean state of the as soon as resplendent dwarven realm of Shanatar, King Mith Barak faces a siege of drow squaddies, spies, and assassins seeking to grab the robust urban and the traditional magical artifacts hidden there. someplace within the urban, the Arcane Script Sphere-a mystical orb touched by means of Mystra, the long-dead goddess magic-calls out to heroes and adventurers, beckoning with whispers of energy and information. Mith Barak hears it and understands he can't carry the artifact for much longer, yet fears what the drow may well do with it.

Enter Icelin, Ruen, and Sull, Waterdavian wanders whose wish to comprehend their very own spellscars units them looking for Mystran mysteries-they wish to appreciate magic and therefore comprehend its plague. As they stream from city to city, urban to urban looking for wisdom, Icelin hears the siren name of the Arcane Script Sphere, and it attracts the trio deep into rocks of the Underdark the place they locate themselves on the middle of the fight among the dwarves and drow.

Only King Mith Barak can start up them into the mysteries they wish to light up. yet first they have to aid him with a secret of his own-a darkish elf murderer, himself a seeker of the sector, lies in Iltkazar's dungeons shrouded within the secret and magic of Lolth. Icelin will be the single to work out previous that shroud and be sure the real objective of the Spider Queen's schemes.

As the darkish elves accentuate their assaults, the trio realizes their quest for wisdom has taken them right into a new and hazardous realm . . . a realm dictated through the whims of spider and stone.

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Scream of Stone (Forgotten Realms: The Watercourse Trilogy, by Philip Athans

By Philip Athans

The finale of the acclaimed Watercourse Trilogy from The big apple Times best-selling writer Philip Athans!

while the genuine project of the Thayan Enclave is printed, the richest guy in Innarlith comes to a decision he desires to be the main robust too, a as soon as promising younger guy is remodeled right into a twisted undead murderer, and a quiet genius ultimately makes his stand, the explosive fury of a long time of boiling rage explodes from the center of a urban at battle with itself.

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Monster Manual IV (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy by Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel

By Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel

Monster guide IV is the latest quantity within the best-selling Monster handbook line. bound to be well liked by either Dungeonmasters and avid gamers, this complement to the D&D® online game presents descriptions for an enormous array of recent creatures. every one monster is illustrated and utilizies a brand new statblock structure that enables speedier gameplay. additionally, every one monster will get extra pages than utilized in earlier vitamins to aspect pattern encounters and pregenerated treasure hordes. additionally integrated are info on find out how to contain creatures in a Forgotten geographical regions® or Eberron® crusade. This product is tied to 2006’s yr of the Dragon subject, on the way to be the objective of selling from RPGs, novels, and miniatures manufacturers.

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Arms and Equipment Guide (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.0 Fantasy by Eric Cagle, Jesse Decker, Jeff Quick, Rich Redman, Visit

By Eric Cagle, Jesse Decker, Jeff Quick, Rich Redman, Visit Amazon's James Wyatt Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, James Wyatt,

Heroes have to be ready for whatever, this means that having the fitting guns and kit to be had perpetually. The well-stocked pages of this publication carry a powerful stock of item to get you into and out of all demeanour of difficulty, including:A caravanload of apparatus, exchange items, alchemical goods, poisons, mounts, and autos. Over 230 magic guns and armors, corresponding to the flameshroud awl, lance of the never-ending cost, and vampire hunter armor. Over one hundred twenty five magic goods, together with new artifacts, similar to elixir armor, earrings of the hive brain, the ghost rod, and the bag of unending caltrops. principles for automobile wrestle on land, sea, and air. inside those pages, avid gamers and Dungeon Masters will locate what they should outfit their characters for almost each contingency.To use this accent, a Dungeon grasp additionally wishes the Player’s instruction manual and the Dungeon Master’s consultant. A participant wishes in basic terms the Player’s instruction manual.

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Player's Guide to Arcanis - PF by Paradigm Concepts; Inc.

By Paradigm Concepts; Inc.

Arcanis is an international of excessive myth, intrigue and suspense. international relations, ability and reticence will hold you as a long way or farther than ability at hands or within the arts of magic. Heroes are available in a myriad of varieties. a few are marvelous beings born with the blood of Valinor or the souls of elementals. Others are the descendents of Celestial Giants who as soon as roamed the celebrities as freely as a fish swims the ocean. a lot of its maximum heroes are uncomplicated mortals of mundane blood yet lofty beliefs. it's a global of heroes who stand among the typical people and destruction, you will be that hero. the facility is on your fingers; go away your mark upon the Shattered Empires! This booklet is a finished consultant to creating an never-ending number of adventurers local to Arcanis. All points of personality improvement are explored, from nationwide and spiritual viewpoints to the elemental development blocks of personality construction: races, periods, talents, feats, status periods, names, spells and kit. avid gamers of the dwelling Arcanis crusade will locate this ebook priceless.

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Forgotten Realms - Faerun by Ed Greenwood, Skip Williams, Sean K. Reynolds, Rob Heinsoo

By Ed Greenwood, Skip Williams, Sean K. Reynolds, Rob Heinsoo

Benvenuti su Faerun, una terra di magia straordinaria, mostri terrificanti, antiche rovine e meraviglie nascoste. Il mondo è cambiato, dopo l. a. Piaga degli Incantesimi, e da questo arcano crogiuolo sono emersi regni scintillanti, imperi tirannici, possenti eroi e dungeon infestati dai mostri. L'ambientazione di Forgotten geographical regions presenta un mondo di inenarrate avventure, una terra di migliaia di storie plasmate dalle imprese degli avventurieri dei quali Faerun non ha mai visto eguali. Questo prodotto contain tutto ciò di cui ha bisogno un Dungeon grasp in keeping with creare una campagna di D&D nell'ambientazione di Forgotten nation-states, così come tutti gli elementi che il DM può incorporare nelle sue altre campagne di D&D.

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Dungeon Tiles (Dungeons & Dragons Accessory) by Wizards RPG Team

By Wizards RPG Team

Dungeon Tiles is the 1st in a brand new sequence of professional Dungeons & Dragons® terrain components. It includes 6 double-sided sheets of illustrated, die-cut terrain tiles published on heavy cardstock.This product provides a brand new size to D&D® video games. The customizable items conceal the tabletop with superbly illustrated dungeons. This product provides Dungeon Masters an easy-to-use and cheap strategy to comprise great-looking terrain of their video games. The tiles are basic to establish and versatile adequate to permit any video game adventure.

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