Eye Contact by Cammie McGovern

By Cammie McGovern

Just like the wonderful Bones and The Curious Incident of the puppy within the Night-Time, Cammie McGovern's breakout novel is right away a hypnotic mystery and an affecting portrait of individuals as genuine as our next-door pals. In Eye touch, childrens vanish within the woods at the back of their straightforward tuition. Hours later, nine-year-old Adam is located alive, the only real witness to his playmate's homicide. yet simply because Adam has autism, he's a silent witness. merely his mom, Cara, may help decode his habit for the police. because the suspense ratchets, Eye touch turns into a heart-stopping exploration of the bond among a mom and a truly detailed baby.

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The Great Indian Phone Book: How the Cheap Cell Phone by Robin Jeffrey, Assa Doron

By Robin Jeffrey, Assa Doron

In 2001, India had four million cellular phone subscribers. Ten years later, that quantity had exploded to greater than 750 million. Over only a decade, the cell phone used to be reworked from an extraordinary and unwieldy device to a palm-sized, cheap staple, taken with no consideration by way of negative fishermen in Kerala and prosperous marketers in Mumbai alike. The nice Indian cell Book investigates the social revolution ignited through what could be the most important communications gadget in historical past, one that has disrupted extra humans and relationships than the printing press, wristwatch, vehicle, or railways, although it has characteristics of all four.

In this fast moving learn, Assa Doron and Robin Jeffrey discover the complete atmosphere of the inexpensive cell phone. mixing journalistic immediacy with years of field-research adventure in India, they painting the capitalists and bureaucrats who regulate the mobile infrastructure and strive against over bandwidth rights, the sellers and technicians who convey cell phones to the hundreds, and the usually terrible, village-bound clients who adapt those addictive and occasionally not easy units to their day-by-day lives. interpreting the demanding situations mobile phones pose to a hierarchy-bound state, the authors argue that during India, the place caste and gender regulations have outlined strength for generations, the disruptive power of cell phones is even more than elsewhere.

The nice Indian cellphone Book is a carefully researched, multidimensional story of what can take place whilst a strong and on hand expertise is positioned within the fingers of a big, nonetheless predominantly bad inhabitants.

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Bűn és bűnhődés by Fjodor Mihajlovics Dosztojevszkij

By Fjodor Mihajlovics Dosztojevszkij

Dosztojevszkij emberbarátsága nem filantrópia, állásfoglalása nem elfordulás a küzdéstől. Dosztojevszkij egészen, ízig-vérig társadalomhoz forduló művész, ez élteti túl a maga korán, s ez viszi közel megrendítő művét, a Bűn és bűnhődést a ma emberéhez.
Ez a regény a mély ellentmondásokkal küzdő s meghasonlott lelkű géniusz legzártabb, legművészibb gonddal szerkesztett alkotása. Nyilván ez a körülmény magyarázza, hogy világszerte a Bűn és bűnhődés lett életműve legismertebb darabja.
A páratlan lélekábrázolás, az emberi jellemek szuggesztív erejű rajza, a magával ragadó stílus, a mesteri kompozíció, a kapitalista nagy város sikátorainak, piszkos bérkaszárnyáinak, fojtott levegőjű odúinak szorongatóan hiteles képe az írásművészet halhatatlan alkotásai közé emeli ezt a művet. A „detektívregényből” így lesz klasszikus remek, minden idők egyik legmegrázóbb lélekrajzregénye.

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Manual de ginecología natural para mujeres by Rina Nissim

By Rina Nissim

L. a. autora compara los métodos de los angeles medicina oficial con aquellos que ha ido experimentando en el centro piloto que constituye el Dispensario para mujeres de Ginebra, fundado en 1978. los angeles medicina artful, que recupera el conocimiento de muchas plantas medicinales, puede reforzar el sistema de defensas y evitar precipitadas in

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더 레이븐 by Edgar Allan Poe

By Edgar Allan Poe

The Raven, Korean translation

1845년 시 ‘갈까마귀’를 발표하면서 유명 작가로 이름을 떨치게 된다. 운문으로 쓰인 이야기로 한밤중에 어디선가 나타난 까마귀가 주인공과 나누는 대화다. 어느 깊은 밤, 죽은 연인을 떠올리며 상념에 잠겨 있는 화자에게 느닷없이 까마귀 한 마리가 찾아온다. 화자는 처음에는 까마귀에게 호기심을 보이다가, 점차 까마귀의 위엄 있는 모습에 이끌려 연인에 대한 그리움을 털어놓는다. 몽상 속의 자아는 음산한 분위기를 풍기며 잃어버린 연인에 대한 사랑과 추억을 노래한다.

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The Cellphone: The History and Technology of the Gadget That by Guy Klemens

By Guy Klemens

Featuring the background of the cellphone from its beginnings within the Nineteen Forties to the current, this e-book explains the elemental strategies occupied with instant verbal exchange in addition to the ramifications of mobile expertise at the economic climate, U.S. and overseas legislations, human healthiness, and society. the 1st chapters care for bandwidth and radio. next chapters examine precursors to the modern mobilephone, together with the unusually well known automobile cellphone of the Nineteen Seventies, the analog mobile phones of the Eighties and early Nineteen Nineties, and the elemental electronic telephones which preceded the feature-laden, multipurpose units of at the present time.

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Never plead ignorance by Clarke, Abdassamad; Yahya, Hârun

By Clarke, Abdassamad; Yahya, Hârun

By no means plead lack of information, concerning the visible lifestyles of Allah, that evolution is a deceit and Allah creates every little thing, concerning the amazing positive aspects of residing beings surrounding you, the every thing you own is a favour from Allah, of the truth that you will not remain lengthy during this international, of the truth that demise is inevitable, of the truth that the Qur'an is the simply ebook and that you'll be judged in response to it, concerning the voice of your sense of right and wrong, of that indisputable fact that Allah instructions guy to behavior himself properly, of the truth that disbelief, is the resource of all wickedness, concerning the life of the hereafter and the day of judgement, of the truth that the hell is a spot of torment for all eternity, that subject is simply a picture, that point is a variable conception and that every thing is predestined

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