Charlie Bone and the Time Twister by Jenny Nimmo

By Jenny Nimmo

Little ones of the pink King 2, secret mystery fiction publication, sixth grade and up.

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Charlie looked up, startled. " Charlie began to cross the hall. "He says there was a ball. " "I think Blessed was dreaming," said Charlie, climbing the stairs toward Billy Billy looked at the old dog. "Blessed doesn't lie," he said. " "They can dream, can't they? " "Go back to Cook," Billy told the dog. "Go on, Blessed. " Blessed gave a sullen grunt and began to flop down the stairs, while Billy and Charlie ran back to the King's room. When homework was over, Charlie had half a mind to go and visit Henry He didn't like leaving him alone in the tower, nearly a hundred years from where he was supposed to be.

Oh. " he asked Charlie. " '" Fraid so," said Charlie. " Henry pointed to the door behind which the rich piano music flowed on. "He won't bother you," said Charlie. " He gave a wave and backed out of the small room, feeling inexplicably guilty In the King's room a boy with a long, sad face glanced anxiously at Charlie's empty seat. The boy's name was Gabriel Silk, and he worried about Charlie. He should have gone after Tancred, not let Charlie go. Charlie was younger and likely to land in some sort of trouble.

Both of you. Hateful Yewbeams . Go, now. " Henry and James ran for the door. " panted James as he tore down the passages after his brother. "We'll go to the big hall, Jamie. " Henry pulled a small leather bag out of his pocket and waved it at his brother. It wasn't to be. Before they could go any further, there was a shout from Aunt Gudrun. " James pretended not to hear her. " "But I want to play marbles," said James. Henry shook his head. "Sorry Jamie. Not now Tomorrow. " "Promise? " "James, come here," shouted Aunt Gudrun.

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