Charms, Charmers and Charming: International Research on by Jonathan Roper (eds.)

By Jonathan Roper (eds.)

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How individuals define themselves and what they are seen to be entitled to, as well as whatever culturally constitutes the ‘good life’ will determine what sort of behavior is viewed as rational versus irrational. Behaviors and beliefs linked to magic did not disappear from daily life simply because people were educated in new scientific belief systems or materialist modes of thought. It was not simply a mentality or world view that changed, but the very conditions and circumstances which made magic a reasonable strategy in nineteenth-century social life.

Rats gnawing the hangings of a room, is reckoned the forerunner of a death in the family’ – Grose, Provincial Glossary, 1787). 10 Note here that it is the behaviour that is ominous. General gnawing is a recognised phenomenon of rat behaviour. Rats have a flap of skin that closes behind their teeth when they’re gnawing, thus preventing them choking on whatever they chew up. ) When Gerald of Wales wrote of the cursing of rats by St. Yvorus in Fernigenan, Leinster, he assumed that the rats had aroused the saint’s displeasure in the first place by gnawing his books.

Then the bullets didn’t penetrate him . . (Länsi-Teisko. 1938. H. Färm KT 44:18) 10 Topics and Issues in Charms Studies Another man, born in 1842 in Eastern Finland, reported having heard from his grandfather, who was a famous tietäjä, how to make oneself hard before leaving for war. According to the grandfather, When leaving for war, one takes a shirt from a buried corpse and exchanges it for one’s own, a corpse which has died honorably and has been buried, and is older than the person exchanging shirts.

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