Chasing the Dime by Michael Connelly

By Michael Connelly

The mobilephone messages watching for Henry Pierce sincerely aren't for him: "Where is Lilly? this can be her quantity. it is at the site." Pierce has simply moved right into a new house, and he is been "chasing the dime"--doing all it takes so his corporation comes out first with a systematic step forward worthy thousands. yet he cannot get the messages for Lilly out of his head. As Pierce attempts to aid a girl he hasn't ever met, he steps right into a international of escorts, web pages, intercourse, and mystery passions. an international the place his luck and services suggest nothing...and the place he turns into the executive suspect in a homicide case, trapped within the struggle of his life.

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Opposite the chem lab was the wire lab, or the furnace room, as most of the lab rats called it, and next to it was the imaging lab, which housed the electron microscope. All the way to the rear of the day room was the laser lab. This room was sheathed in copper for 1 | , i i added protection against intruding electronic noise. The lab suite appeared empty, the computers off and the probe stations unmanned, but Pierce picked up the familiar smell of cooking carbon. He checked the sign-in log and saw that Grooms had signed in but had not yet signed out.

He was coming in to look at the Proteus project before making his final decision. They were giving him a first look at Proteus, hoping it would be the closer on the deal. The following Monday they would file for patent protection on Proteus and begin seeking other investors if Goddard didn't come on board. The last message he read was from Clyde Vernon, head of Amedeo security. Pierce figured he could guess what it said before he opened it, and he wasn't wrong. Trying to reach you. We need to talk about Nicole James.

He then realized that the ad copy on both pages- Robin's and Lilly's -had likely been written by the same person. Repetitive phrases and structure indicated this. He also noticed as he looked at the photo that the same brass bed was in both photos. He pulled down his Internet directory and quickly switched back to Lilly's web page to confirm. The bed was the same. He didn't know what this meant other than perhaps another confirmation that the two women worked together. The main difference he picked up from the copy was that Lilly only entertained clients at her apartment.

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