Cities of Mystery (AD&D Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms by Jean Rabe

By Jean Rabe

Inside of this folder are 12 varied highway structure styles that may be mixed in a mess of how, plus 33 constructions of assorted styles and sizes that may be lower out and assembled. The elements, scaled to be used with 25mm miniature figures, let you create third-dimensional urban scenes for characters to discover. additionally integrated is a 64-page ebook that takes you step-by-step throughout the technique of defining and designing the villages, cities, and towns of your crusade international. The e-book includes 5 experience situations that utilize the road layouts and fold-up constructions - rules designed to get you began to be able to making your towns come alive.

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You also can create an overall merchants’ guild, which oversees all of the individual guilds. PCs could be forced to deal with these guilds if they attempt to set up shops or if they come into conflict with some of the merchants and craftsmen. Making Shopping Reasonable Even though you have a well-developed merchants quarter, complete with detailed businesses and merchants’ personalities, you should not force PCs to go shopping for every little item they need. For example, if an upcoming game session is going to center on a dungeon expedition, you should not play out each character’s shopping for rope, iron rations, and torches—unless the PCs want to go through this.

Prices for goods and services should vary between communities, just like they do between present-day cities. Many factors influence the price of merchandise, such as taxes in a city, the economic climate of a city, and the availability of goods. For example, in a farming town grain and livestock could be considerably lower than “book price” because grain and livestock are abundant. However, in a large mountain village, grain could be very expensive, since there are no farmers in the community to grow it, and it must be brought in by traveling merchants.

And many city adventures will abound once they are in office, as they must deal with some of the extraordinary and fantastic confrontations facing the city. However, once PCs come into power— something you might want to reserve for higher-level PCs—they will find their lifestyles drastically, and perhaps unfortunately, changed. Player characters who are lesser officials in a city or town government should still have plenty of time on their hands to adventure. Even PCs who are in charge of the city guilds, the guard force, or the army will be able to get away for a time, putting their next in command in charge in their absence.

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