City of the Dead (Forgotten Realms: Ed Greenwood Presents by Rosemary Jones

By Rosemary Jones

A haunting experience hand-picked by means of Ed Greenwood...

whatever is inflicting difficulty within the urban of the useless, and Sophraea Carver, born and bred subsequent to the ancient graveyard, is decided to unravel the secret sooner than it areas all of Waterdeep in peril.

Set within the vintage urban of Splendors and offered by way of Forgotten Realms crusade atmosphere writer and celebrated writer Ed Greenwood, you don't are looking to fail to see this fascinating glimpse into what the most recent variation of the geographical regions has to supply.

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Bonus in battle-ax) Other danifestations I Heironeous kypically manifests in the form of bolts of lightning cast d o h from the heavens, even when there is scarcely a cloud in tHe sky. Such manifestations are usually simply warnings sekn off in the distance. However, if the Archpaladin choose$,he can strike in a fashion similar to a call Iightning spell, regardless of weather conditions. Heironeous rarely strike$ with more than a glancing blow, for a direct strike inflicts up to 37d8 points of damage.

An act of justice is ri reward of itself, but also improves the universal soul. Or so Says Mother Annan. 73w: ''Three houses of kteironeous" Though the surrounding community recognizes that the Bastion is a full-fledged community of priests, townspeople tend to think only about those parts of the temple that have a regular impact on the community's day-to-day activities. Thus, the locals refer to "Three Houses of Heironeous:" the uublic chapel, the retreat, and the a@ M The Public @pel The public chapel of Heironeous stands to the right of the main entrance to the Bastion of Faith, sharing its rear wall with the protective walls of the Bastion (see the Entrance Map and its keyed entries).

Ferrante’s Day. St. Ferrante is known best for his defeat over Kahabros. He is also known for his steely self-control in the face of temptation, remaining pure and unsullied throughout his life. Most people can never hope to live up to Ferrante’s ancient example. Instead, there is a day set aside lor him when his likeness is carved on wood and stone, and paraded through the streets of the local city. This seems to be an excuse to eat a lot of food and throw candy to children during the parades.

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