City Sites (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition) by Skip Williams, Paul Jaquays

By Skip Williams, Paul Jaquays

City Sites, the 1st in a sequence of AD&D online game floorplans, comprises broad info on city settings that participant characters tend to stopover at in any crusade. for example, there's:

A smithy run through gnomes

A temple that is domestic to an orphaned dragon

A tavern that consumers cannot input until eventually they provide the password

This ebook additionally describes motels, a making a song fountain, a prison, and masses more!

Each websites access tells the Dungeon grasp what where feels like initially look and provides a close floorplan of the internal in addition to an image of the outside. Readers additionally locate attention-grabbing notes concerning the characters who stay and paintings in each one website, and one or rules for personalizing the spot to fit any adventure.

From now on, make a visit to town effortless - and interesting!

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During daylight, a small, ever-changing collection of worshipers gathers around the statue to make quick obeisance to the deity or chat with friends for a while. The statues along the rotunda’s outer walls depict demigods and minor deities of the local pantheon who are not represented elsewhere in the temple. In some cases, multiple statues stand grouped together. Lower Floor Gargoyle golem (4): Int non; AL N; AC 0; MV 9; HD 15; hp 60; THACO 5; #AT 2; Dmg 3d6/3d6; SA special; SD special; SZ L; ML 19; X P nil 2.

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