Climate Change in Context by Brenda Wilmoth Lerner and K. Lee Lerner

By Brenda Wilmoth Lerner and K. Lee Lerner

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Absolute zero is defined as 0 Kelvin (there are two degree units in the Kelvin scale) or approximately -459 F or -273 C. AFFORESTATION: Conversion of unforested land to forested land through planting, seeding, or other human interventions. Unforested land must have been unforested for at least 50 years for such intervention to qualify as afforestation; otherwise, it is termed reforestation. ACID: Substance that when dissolved in water is capable of reacting with a base to form salts and release hydrogen ions.

Over 8 million metric tons are produced each year, mostly from natural gas or heavy oil feedstocks. CARBON CALCULATOR: Software device, often accessed through a Web site, that allows an individual or business to calculate their carbon footprint, that is, how much greenhouse warming is generated to support the present mode of existence of that individual or business. , dollar, euro, yen) that entitles its owner to emit one metric ton of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. CARBON CYCLE: All parts (reservoirs) and fluxes of carbon.

ECO-TOURISM: Travel to experience particular ecosystems or view exotic wildlife. Eco-tourism was the tourism industry’s fastest-growing sector in the early 2000s, increasing at 20% per year and accounting for $154 billion dollars of business as of 2000. EL NIN˜O: Regularly recurring warming of the surface waters of the eastern Pacific that has affects on global climate; part of the El Nin ˜ o/Southern Oscillation CLIMATE CHANGE: IN CONTEXT Glossary Cycle (ENSO). In some contexts, ‘‘El Nin ˜ o’’ refers to the entire ENSO cycle.

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