Cloud Nucleation. With Contributions in Memoriam Including a by C. Guy Suits

By C. Guy Suits

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Observe and record the amount of movement of the stick which is required to accomplish this maneuver. (2) Fly into the cloud at a definite altitude and try to keep the plane level, with the stick stationary, if possible. (3) Start climbing at a rate of 200 feet per minute at least 500 feet below the cloud base and hold the plane to this climb, using the stick as required. Climb for at least 10 minutes at this rate, or until the plane emerges at the cloud top. If the cloud has a thickness greater than 2000 feet, climb at a rate of 300 to 500 feet per minute, the rate being determined by the fact that the flight path in the cloud should not be longer than 10 minutes.

0 minutes. At this joint the dispenser is stopped. The plane at + 4 . 0 again swings counterclockwise and by + 5 . 0 minutes should straighten out to a heading of 180 degrees. On this leg, at + 6 . 0 minutes, the seeding signal is given and one pound of granulated dry ice is dumped suddenly. Continuing on 180-deg heading until + 7 . 0 minutes, 100-200 pounds of granulated dry ice are dumped suddenly. When this has been done, the plane immediately climbs to 5000 feet above the cloud top going into a counterclockwise circle around seeded region.

Possible difficulties with this method are interference with nucleation caused by soot particles, loss of silver by reaction with fly ash, and wrong size particles. Silver Iodide Flares Several dozen flares were made up by a local fireworks company. The composition of the flares was the same as their regular, red signal flare with the difference that 2 grams of silver iodide was substituted for the 2 grams of strontium carbonate used to give the red color. The flares are mostly potassium 13 chlorate and weigh 37 grams.

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