Colloquial Swedish by Phil Holmes

By Phil Holmes

This third edition of Colloquial Swedish has been revised and up to date to make studying Swedish more uncomplicated and extra stress-free than ever earlier than. especially written through skilled academics for self-study or type use, this transparent, exact path gives you a step by step method of written and spoken Swedish. the best option in own language studying, this 3rd variation positive aspects: new texts and dialogues all through hyperlinks to web pages approximately Sweden, its background, society and tradition transparent grammar notes and precis. No past wisdom of the language is needed, and via the tip of this profitable path scholars might be in a position to speak with a bit of luck and successfully in Swedish in a vast variety of daily events. Audio fabric recorded by means of local audio system is on the market to purchase on CD or in MP3 structure to enrich the book. This will help you ideal your pronunciation, listening and conversing talents.

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Jag kommer från Colombia. REBECCA: Trevligt att träffa dig! MARIA: Detsamma. REBECCA: Ska vi gå och ta en fika? MARIA: Javisst! Vocabulary läs/a -er -te read, (here) study förresten by the way, incidentally du you England the UK också also nej no utbytesstudent -en -er exchange student varifrån where … from? Spanien Spain jo yes inte alls not at all bruka/ -r -de usually (do), used to (do) trevlig -t -a nice, pleasant träffa/ -r -de meet sitt/a -er satt sit dig (pron. dej) you (object form) jaha I see slå/r slog sig ner sit down detsamma likewise ska shall javisst of course fika -n coffee gärna by all means javisst sure Page 40 Yes, no There are a number of words for agreement and disagreement in the dialogue: ja yes nej no javisst yes, of course (stronger agreement) jaså oh really/I see/you don’t say (registers surprise) jaha oh really (registers merely that you are listening) Note also: jo yes (answering a negative question; cf.

In central Sweden the voice goes down on the first stress and up on the last. It is this falling–rising melody that makes Swedes sound as if they are singing when they speak! It is generally called Accent 2. hus|nyckel skol|bok barn|mat lokal|tåg house key school book baby food local train Page 18 Quite a number of words other than compounds also have this melody when they are stressed. This means that the melody rises on an unstressed syllable after the stressed syllable, which is unusual in languages that have stress (you can hear it in English as spoken in Wales).

Det är Rebecca. Who is it? It’s Rebecca. Vad är det? Det är en fiol. What is it? It’s a violin. Det är ett universitet. It’s a university. Page 24 Two types of question Exactly as in English, there are two types of question. One type simply changes the order of verb and subject around (inversion): Statement Question Han är svensk. År han svensk? He’s a Swede. Is he a Swede? Han heter Kalle. Heter han Kalle? He’s called Kalle. Is he called Kalle? These are called yes/no questions as the answer is often ‘yes’ or ‘no’ (Swedish ja/nej).

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