Communication and the human condition by Professor W. Barnett Pearce B.S. M.A. Ph.D.

By Professor W. Barnett Pearce B.S. M.A. Ph.D.

Beginning with the idea that we are living in verbal exchange (rather than status outdoor communique and utilizing it for secondary purposes), Pearce claims that folks who reside in a number of cultures and ancient epochs not just converse in a different way yet event alternative ways of being human simply because they convey differently.This century, he notes, ushered within the "communication revolution," the invention that verbal exchange is much extra very important and vital to the human than ever earlier than discovered. necessary to the conversation revolution is the popularity that a number of types of discourse exist in modern human society. extra, those different types of discourse should not benign; they include alternative routes of being human.Thus verbal exchange idea needs to surround all that it "means to stay a existence, the form of social associations and cultural traditions, the pragmatics of social motion, and the poetics of social order."

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The editors of that edition would probably have been astonished at the idea of giving "communication" such prominence. Somewhat defensively, the editors of the fifteenth edition (vol. 3, p. " The editors of the Britannica were wrong: by the start of the twentieth century, a long and sometimes distinguished tradition of ''explicit definitions and theories of communication'' had been proposed. However, the Britannica's hyperbole accurately expresses the twentieth-century communication theorists' belief that they were starting something new.

All of this was an attempt to come to grips with a series of learnings about communication that was sustained (semester-long), coherent (comprehensible to undergraduates), and permanent (so I would neither have to hold it "in my head" nor repeat it in lectures to each new class). At each point during the last decade, the process of writing required me to make more clear what I needed to say, andby functioning as a textfreed me to push on, letting each new learning lead to the next. Anyone who writes and gives lectures for a living must have some faint sense of a Page xvii storyteller, and it is my opinion that this story is ready to be told as a whole rather than as a jumble of pieces, and to a larger audience than to my students in COMM 312.

Two women may understand perfectly each other's feelings toward the same man, and this may intensify rather than reduce their conflict. " Assume that two persons (or groups or nations) have conflicting claims about the ownership of a parcel of land, and have different notions of how such conflicts should be resolved. " Because these scripts differ, each litigant is offended by the manner in which the other presents the claim, as well as by the content of the claim. As a result, each seeks to oppose not only the other's claim, but the manner of and the right of the other one to make it.

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