Constantine - The Hellblazer 4 (2015) by Ming Doyle

By Ming Doyle

A few very, very, very undesirable information sends John Constantine on a paranormal bender in the course of the darkened streets of London. This one’s gonna damage within the morning.

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I figured. ” “Look…” Tony pushed the laptop to one side and set his plate down on the small square table. ” Her smile changed the whole shape of her face. Made her look years younger. Made her eyes sparkle. Made her look like someone he’d like to get to know. Really well. Made him want to slide the sweater off her shoulders, push back the dark curls and… … he suddenly noticed that the translucent antlered guy looked a lot solider. Except for the horns, and the weird way his eyes had no whites, he seemed to be human.

Tony headed for the construction site. Like he didn’t know what that meant. Promoted back in August from production assistant to TAD, trainee assistant director, Tony found himself in October still doing much the same thing he’d been doing as a PA—which surprised no one, him least of all, since Chester Bane, the notoriously frugal head of CB Productions, hadn’t yet gotten around to hiring someone to do his old job. Still, TAD meant he was now moving up in the Directors Department with a raise in pay and a clear, union-sanctified path to the director’s chair.

Mostly because Mason wasn’t particularly good at it, and the results always looked as though a big rubbery monster was due to stomp Tokyo. Any way didn’t include actually talking to the construction crew. The foreman had made it quite clear earlier in the evening that they needn’t bother. He had a job to do and no fancy-assed, la-di-da television show was going to put him off schedule. With that attitude in mind, Tony stopped about six meters from the backhoe and watched the huge bladed bucket bite through the asphalt.

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