Contemporary Pragmatism by Mitchell Aboulafia

By Mitchell Aboulafia

Contents Articles Frederic R. Kellogg: Hobbes, Holmes, and Dewey: Pragmatism and the matter of Order Brian E. Butler: Dews, Dworks, and Poses make a decision Lochner Sor-hoon Tan: Our kingdom wrong or right: a practical reaction to Anti-Democratic Cultural Nationalism in China Stephen Harris: Antifoundationalism and the dedication to decreasing affliction in Rorty and Madhyamaka Buddhism Eric Thomas Weber: On using Ethics: who is terrified of Plato's Cave? William Gavin, Stefan Neubert, and Kersten Reich: Language and Its Discontents: William James, Richard Rorty, and Interactive Constructivism Matthew J. Brown: actual difficulties and the importance of technology Robert Chodat: Evolution and rationalization: Biology, Aesthetics, Pragmatism Joseph Margolis: Pragmatism's destiny: a slightly of Prophecy Review Essay Brian E. Butler: Sen's The suggestion of Justice: again to the (Pragmatic) destiny Book Reviews Tibor Solymosi: Review of Jay Schulkin. Cognitive model: A Pragmatist standpoint

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However, this idea is used in two rather different ways. Dewey begins the book with an extended and somewhat exasperating discussion of the nature of the state, which he takes to be the fundamental concept in traditional political thought. His aim in these difficult early chapters is to deflect political inquiry away from the abstract question of defining the origins or ends of the state in general, and toward the more concrete question of what specific purposes the state has served in different historical contexts.

Rather, our existing moral beliefs and habits are the product of our past efforts to choose between conflicting values, and we should be willing to change those beliefs and habits in light of what we learn from making new choices. ”9 To take an “experimental” approach to morality is to take into account the potentially radical implications of this line of argument. On the one hand, we have the moral beliefs and habits that we have by virtue of the fact that we live in and were educated by a certain kind of community; indeed, Dewey holds that “social arrangements, laws, institutions ...

As long as I am driving the car smoothly to my destination, the question of whether I know what I am doing simply will not arise for me – indeed, I may not be conscious of what I am doing at all. ). In particular, I will have to come up with a theory that explains why the problematic situation that I am facing has arisen and suggests how it might be solved, and I will then have to act in such a way that this theory can be tested in practice. Maybe I could not turn the key because I was using the wrong one, or maybe this is not my car.

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