Core Java(TM), Volume I--Fundamentals by Cay S. Horstmann

By Cay S. Horstmann

This publication is a smart clarification of Java programming when you've got had a few adventure in programming languages (especially C) prior to. should you like studying from instance code this can be the publication to get because it has plenty of proper instance code that's rather well commented.

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In particular, the class name is Welcome and not welcome or WELCOME. java). class extension. • If you get a message such as “Bad command or file name” or “javac: command not found”, then go back and double-check your installation, in particular the execution path setting. java”, then you should check whether that file is present in the directory. java. Under Windows, use the dir shell command, not the graphical Explorer tool. txt after every file. txt. java". NoClassDefFoundError, then carefully check the name of the offending class.

For example, \u2122 is the trademark symbol (™) and \u03C0 is the Greek letter pi (π). Besides the \u escape sequences that indicate the encoding of Unicode code units, there are several escape sequences for special characters, as shown in Table 3–3. You can use these escape sequences inside quoted character constants and strings, such as '\u2122' or "Hello\n". The \u escape sequence (but none of the other escape sequences) can even be used outside quoted character constants and strings. For example, public static void main(String\u005B\u005D args) is perfectly legal—\u005B and \u005D are the encodings for [ and ].

Directions for this step also vary among operating systems. • In UNIX (including Solaris and Linux), the procedure for editing the execution path depends on the shell that you are using. bash_profile file: export PATH=/usr/local/jdk/bin:$PATH • Under Windows, log in as administrator. Start the Control Panel, switch to Classic View, and select the System icon. In Windows NT/2000/XP, you immediately get the system properties dialog. In Vista, you need to select Advanced System Settings (see Figure 2–1).

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